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Founder of Foster Fairies, Aleksandra Pesalj, began this organization with a passion and duty for improving the lives of local underprivileged kids. Children within the foster system face struggles everyday and often go without proper resources or hope. Much has changed since its founding in 2011 but the core values still remain the same- representing and helping children who are often forgotten.

Whether it be providing essential products or a gift fulfilling a birthday wish, Foster Fairies strives to provide resources to agencies that house and care for children. Our goal is to become a partner to these agencies and increasing availability of products ranging from underwear to the gift on a child’s Christmas list. Our mission is to fulfill the wishes of children’s unmet needs so that there is never a child left behind.

As Foster Fairies are growing in number, I think it is also a time for me to clarify things for all new folks. It is confusing, I know, and I apologize, but most of my supporters have been people I know or am connected to in some way, so I didn't have to explain.

Let me start from the beginning. I am Aleksandra Pesalj, and I was CASA for Child Advocates Inc. which used to represent and protect the best interest of children in Marion Co. who are victims of abuse and neglect.

Foster Fairies is an organization I founded few years ago. As CASA in Marion Co, I realized that there are so many unmet needs, and that children do not always get a special treatment on their birthday or on a holiday such as Christmas. So I decided to start the organization, which is really one woman show, to bridge the gap when it is needed. If I am notified of a need, I post it here. One of you provides for it, I deliver. It is really all there is. The Christmas drive has become the most popular event over the years, the planning and organizing is worth it to show compassion and love for the amazing children we serve. I hope this answers some of your questions and concerns. If you need additional information, please, feel free to contact us. Thanks!

Venmo: Aleksandra-Pesalj
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